Effortless – S.C Stephens


Effortless – S.C Stephens

C – More Kellan?

D – You can never get enough Kellan Kyle. He’s more addictive than crack I tell you! Those eyes, those lips, that ‘just fucked’ hair….*sigh*

C – I’m assuming there was a story there too?

D – Yes but I had to read it twice to be sure. I spent most of my time drooling over boy wonder.

C – To be honest, I’d rather spend time with the Hulk!

D – Griffin? Really?

C – Hell yes! He could stroke me anyway he liked. I’d be happy to sedate that beast between his legs!

D – *Rolls eyes and gives C a questionable look* Anyway in this book we continue with Kiera, Kellan’s and Denny’s story.

C – Denny is still there!?

D – It’s complicated and if you’d let me continue….

C – Sorry. Go ahead with your Kellan pimping.

D – Can’t pimp him.

C – Why?

D – Not allowed to sleep with the employee’s. Why have rights over Kellan if you can’t reap the benefits? But I am happy to tell everyone how AWESOME he is!

So, Kiera has made her choice. After a painful and infuriating period where my poor Kellan got ripped apart. And now she knows what she wants. Hallelujah! But can her man ever really believe he wasn’t her second choice? Even I was unsure. You could totally understand why Kellan would feel that way. After all, she had chosen Denny first when given that ultimatum.

They are totally loved up and Kiera finally thinks they are on the right path together in their relationship when Kellan drops a bombshell. He’s going away for 6 months!

C – Is that why you spent about three hours crying? “Oh no Kellan. Don’t go, I’ll miss you.”

D – It was not three hours! But yes. I was a little upset…

C – A little? We could have filled the Hoover damn the way you were carrying on!

D – *Rolls eyes* Whatever. He has a good reason for leaving though and I totally forgave him for it. He’s going on tour with a band! Understandably, Kiera is devastated. On the surface she tells him what a wonderful opportunity it is and how happy she is for him. But underneath she’s hurting. Yeah, join the club sweetheart.

With neither one truly trusting the other, well, would you trust the person who cheated on their ex to be with you? And would you trust the guy who screwed his best friend’s girl? Probably not. This will test their relationship to the limit. With groupies everywhere trying to tempt Kellan, Kiera is scared and questions his fidelity…a lot! Would he really cheat? After everything?

Then Denny suddenly turns up again and becomes very present in their lives too. Kiera finds comfort with him. After all, they were friend’s not just lovers and she’s missed his company. Can Kiera be true? After all Kellan doesn’t even know Denny is back! I was so mad at her for that! I was screaming at my kindle “Just tell him and be honest you silly girl” Okay, so I called her something much stronger…I won’t repeat them.  

C – Bit of a hypocrite isn’t she? She cheated on and was ready to ditch Denny when he was going to stay away for his job but Kellan goes away for a few months and ‘oh, no, my life is over.

D – Well she didn’t love Denny the way she loves Kellan. A little imagination C?

C – Oh yeah, I sometimes forget it’s all fiction.

D – *Opens mouth in horror* Kellan Kyle is NOT fiction! He is my future husband.

C – *Snorts laugh*

D – Anyway, with viral videos, secret text messages and strange phone calls, Kiera’s trust for Kellan is pushed to the limits. Throw in some positive pregnancy tests, just to make things that bit harder, and boy oh boy do you have a story!

Kellan’s romantic side really comes out in this book and it’s wonderful to read. But it also has its sad, frustrating and jaw dropping moments. I found myself screaming at Kiera on the pages! And at one point even crying for her a little.

C – Sounds like quite the roller-coaster!

D – It was! But I loved every moment.

Another excellent read by S.C Stephens



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