Descension (Mystic #1) B. C. Burgess



I was given this book as a gift and wondered what all the fuss was all about. I love books about magic and romance and some bow chicka wow wow so a gal could only hope this was one of them. I was not disappointed in the least. Three years after her adopted mother dies, Layla Callaway, finds out there is actually an odd circumstance surrounding her birth parents.She uproots her life (which wasn’t actually much of one since she couldn’t stick her fabulous friend in her apron pockets) in OK and heads off to find out about her past (and maybe get an amazing cup of coffee) in Oregon. Once there she meets a sweet AND delectable little morsel named Quin, who is charged with showing her that she in fact, was born a witch.All the while there is this crazy evil baddie name Agro, who is hunting for Layla for reasons that shall mayhaps later be named. I stayed up way past my bed time read this. It is sweet, funny, sexy and makes you believe that faerie-tales really do exist!! (And now I really want coffee!!!)


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