Bound Together Marie Coulson



I got to beta read this and it was the most exhilarating book I have read in a long time. The twists and turns, the surprises, the hottness, the music. This book has the whole package. Hot guys, hot chicks and tie me up, tie me down tastiness. A must read book that will keep you warm in the cold!!!

So there is this girl name Layla. She is quirky, kinda cute and off to college. In college she meets (or falls on her ass in front of) this super hottie named Oliver (Ollie for short). He is a sexy rocker with a messy hair cut and a to die for set of lips that just happen to be pierced with the tastiest looking lipring ever. And it makes you want to kiss them and nibble them and lick them and…

D *swats C* the story…enough about his mouth

C *grumbles* well fine then…go play for the other team

Moving on….Layla gets a job at a coffee shop where she almost takes out a stunning but smarmy hottie names Jared. She stains his shirt, he texts her all snarky like, they go out on a date and yeah…ahem…bowchickawowwow! So there is this stunning love triangle, poor 19 year old Layla can’t make up her mind between being showered with affection and gifts or being shower with affection and sweetness. It is a back and forth with an ending that will make you gasp. It was a little wordy but for a debut novel it definitely put the icing on my cupcake….specially if my cupcake had a monster…and a pierced…

Ahem…anyway….pick it up, give it a read and then take a cold shower before reading again ;D

What team are you on?


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