A Song for Julia Charles Sheehan-Miles



Once again had the privilege of beta reading this book and let me tell you now grab a box of tissues. The book follows the story of Julia Thompson (yes one of the sisters from JRTB) and Crank Wilson on their journey to finding out what love and trust are truly about. The stage is set at an anti-war protest in D.C. where Crank is performing. Push comes to shove and the held back behind a wall Julia meets the stud of a singer and fireworks ignite. Crank comes from a family of broken dreams, who’s only relationship important enough to push for is the one with his younger brother Sean. (This turns into a beautiful story on its own). Julia comes from a family with a secret and only who doesn’t know what touching another person’s soul can feel like. Can the two of them fight it out with each other and the world to come out on top? Or will secrets tear them apart? I know the answer to this one and let me tell you it will have you page turning to find out.

Such delicate themes were written so beautifully that it brought tears to my eyes several times. This book touched me in ways I never knew a book could. If I were ever to pick on that would keep a reader invested this would be in. Ok I am done rambling…but you REALLY want this book! Forever! It’s squiffy!


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