Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire


Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire

D – Meet Pigeon.

C – *Spits tea everywhere* Pigeon?

D – Okay, so that’s not her real name. But it is the name she’s now become accustom to. Travis gave to her and as far as I’m concerned…he can do whatever he wants.

Now then…the first time Abby saw Travis, he was bare knuckle fighting in a secret location. Sa-woon! And he was winning. Yay! Spectacularly…what a total hottie!

He was gorgeous and very tall with rippling biceps; abs that you want to claw at for hours and handsome features you could lose yourself in. Not to mention a physic that could bench press my house!  He was every girl’s dream and apparently he took full advantage of this and has a rep as the campus player. Abby’s best friend America happens to be dating Shepley. And Shepley is Travis’s roommate. Dum da dum dum!

C – Sounds like fun. So they totally get it on right?

D – Not really. At first it’s kind of a game of cat and mouse but they start seeing a lot of each other and soon, Abby and Travis begin to talk, hang out more and become friends. There’s also a really hilarious cafeteria scene.

C – I can’t get no…satisfaction.

D – That’s the one!

She really likes him and thinks he’s a great guy but Abby knows his rep and she doesn’t want to become another notch on his bed post. She tell shim straight up that she will NEVER sleep with him! And I’m thinking…she’s nuts! I’d be on that boy like dip on a chip! You’d have to drag me away kicking and screaming! But more shockingly… he accepts it! Well, for now.

C – So she has this gorgeous hunk all hot for her and she’s suddenly mother Teresa? Yep. Nuts.

D – Right? It would be like me turning down Kellan Kyle…which WOULD NOT HAPPEN! But she does. And thankfully, Travis is a true sweetheart and respects her choice. We love him so much. He’s also an awesome friend it turns out.

C – Tell me she eventually “hits that”.

D – Well…

C – More cat and mouse?

D – Not exactly. Way more fun! As time progresses and the friendship becomes stronger, the two make a bet. And this bet changes everything. If Travis wins his next fight, his new gal pal must live in the apartment with him and Shepley, for a month! But, if she wins, she can name her price…….It’s gonna be a long month. And boy is it a fun one too. Travis and Abby get closer and closer and he even throws her a party on her birthday…

C – Tequila! Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up. Woohoo…is there nothing I can take? I said woohoo… to relieve this bellyache…woohoo!

D – *Shakes head as C dances and sings around the room* Anyway…

Things quickly change between the pair and heat up. Before we know it…Bow Chicka wow wow.

Things go well, they have their little ups and downs but someone from Abby’s past is about to rock their world and not in a good way.

C – Trouble ahead?

D – A whole heap of it C. Travis, trying to protect Abby, takes care of the situation and a trip to Vegas changes everything Abby has ever held dear between her and Travis. It almost tears her apart and then, when they get home…It does. Travis is left devastated and I swear my kindle got a serious time out for this! Poor Travis! There is so much more to this story but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it.

But! With J.M releasing the book again from Travis’s POV (Gimmie!) Walking Disaster is going to be epic! So read this book now!

The intense love story and fiery personalities are not only believable but easy to connect to. Each character is well thought out and it’s very easy to feel the story as it envelopes around them all. America and Shepley are hilarious.

C – Sounds amazing. So it really sucks you in.

D – Completely. I still think about it and I cannot wait to read the story from Travis’s side.

A totally sweet treat for every contemporary romance fan.


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