Easy – Tammara Webber



Easy by Tammara Webber

D – I wasn’t sure about this book at first. I was a bit apprehensive about reading a book that involved the subject of rape and attempted rape.

C – Yeah it was definitely a bit worrying but it actually turned out okay. In fact it turned out better.

D – Lucas was totally a worthy reason to read it and endure the horror of the situation!

C – Gotta love a guy with piercings and a tatt! And he’s smart too. Caring, funny, witty, ….

D – If you can focus and stop drooling all over the keyboard for a moment…

C – Sorry.

D – This book totally superseded my expectations. And we totally loved it right C?

C – It rocked my world in so many ways.

D- The book itself is written well and Tammara Webber handles the subject with respect and dignified grace.C – Our two main characters are Jacqueline and Lucas.Jacqueline is attacked while leaving a party at her ex boyfriends frat house. Terrified and crying, she is rescued by a man who attacks her own attacker. Our mystery knight in shining lip ring! He makes sure she is safely home and she tries to forget it ever happened. Which has got to be really tough. The guy who attacked her is a big name on campus and getting anyone to believe her would be near impossible!

D – But, then she discovers that her rescuer and she are in the same class at college. Lucas was her knight in shining armor. And she finds him very attractive (who wouldn’t!?). With her break up from her long term boyfriend Kennedy only a few weeks behind her, Jacqueline’s best friend Erin convinces her she needs Lucas to be her bad boy rebound.

C – With his lip ring, dark scruffy hair and tattoo’s….what was I saying? Oh yeah! He fits her bad boy image perfectly because he’s super smoking hot! But she gets more than she bargained for. Can she really just keep him as a rebound when she’s so into him? I couldn’t! I was screaming at her to go for it while the sounds of Marvin Gaye played in my head. “Let’s get it on..”

D – *Shakes head and raises eyebrow as C dances around* Anyway…
What will happen to her attacker? Nothing for most of the book. He’s a frat boy still living on campus. She never reported him to the police so he’s still out there. Is she safe? Probably not considering he continues to come back and haunt her, intimidate her and upset her in anyway he can. She has to get a tutor for one of her classes but their schedules don;t match up. So they work out a way to do it over email and Jacqueline finds herself waiting for that *ping* of her mailbox! She likes him…whoever he is.Her mystery tutor? Her man in shiny lip ring are one and the same. He’s her teacher. They have to stay away from each other and I hated it! But still fearful of her attacker, Jacqueline enrolls herself in self defense classes and guess who happens to be her super hot instructor? With her feelings for Lucas growing stronger all the time, Jacqueline can’t help but notice he bares his own scars too. Deep ones. But with him not willing to share them can they really have a future together?C – A good book. I was a little upset at first when our main character didn’t report her attacker to the police but I understood the need for this in the story and also to highlight that some women have reasons for not reporting attacks. Fear of not being believed mostly in this book.

D – Lucas is a good hero as he is not the likely hero.
C – He’s only a million times better!
D – *Rolls eyes*
C – Hey you get your Kellan Kyle, I get to keep Lucas.
D – But it’s hard not to fall for his charms. Though I did get angry at his deceiving her. You will have to read the book to understand what that is all about. I did enjoy it and I thought that the author handled the subject delicately..
C – Tammara Webber totally rocked this!
A sweet treat for sure!

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