Thoughtless – S.C Stephens



Thoughtless – S.C Stephens

D – I cannot express just how much I LOVE this book!
C – Seriously? What is with this Kellan thing?

D – For real C? For real?

C – Uh…yeah.

D – *Squeal* OMG! Who is Kellan? He’s only the yummiest most scrumiest book boy ever! I mean, if they made book boys in heaven, Kellen was carved by an angel! He’s so wonderful I could lick him all over and never get bored.

C – Sounds bland.

D – Kellan Kyle is NOT bland. He’s all kinds of delicious! But he’s intense too. Like sticky and sweet Jack Daniel’s sauce over smooth and succulent steak! I’d sink my teeth into him!

C – Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?

D – Semantics! But if we’re on the subject of her….

Meet Kiera. Moving to Seattle with her long term boyfriend Denny.  (Poor, sweet Denny) They are moving in with Denny’s old high school friend Kellan Kyle. Sigh.

Kellan is a rock star. Ok, so he only plays at a bar in a small town but he’s the local heat throb. I know I’d join the “I had sex with Kellen Kyle” team. Every girl wants him (of course!) and by what Kiera’s heard most of them have had him too.Everything is going well. Kiera finds a job working at the bar Kellan plays in called Pete’s. She makes new friends like Jenny but Kiera’s world comes crashing when Denny leaves for three months for his new job. Darn it. All that time alone with Kellen….Sigh.

With only Kellan for company the two soon bond and become friends. CLOSE, very close friends. I’s be dipping into those benefits real quick!

Kiera and Kellan begin to form a very deep and intense bond. They are both feeling it. Kiera tries hard to resist but after Denny calls to say he’s taken a job in Tuscon, Kiera breaks. She ends it with Denny and drowns her sorrows in a bottle of tequila. Helping her in the process is Kellan. And that night would change everything…..

After a night she can never take back, Keira wakes to find Denny has quit and come back for her. Oops moment right there!

But with her secret night with Kellan hanging over them and her ever growing feelings for him, how long can they go on pretending? She breaks our poor Kellan’s heart and I began hating her here. I must have screamed so hard at my kindle I am surprised the screen didn’t crack!

Kiera and Kellan continue to get closer and her temptation to stray is strong. Feelings become stronger and soon neither can deny how they feel.

But can Kiera make a choice? and be happy with the one she has made?

I won’t tell you what happens but I know who I would pick!This book left me with a hangover for days. I love it. I cannot even say how much. And the second Book – Effortless is equally as wonderful. I devoured both books in 2 days. READ IT! I’ts a must. Kellan beats Mr grey hands down. He’s romantic, head strong, intense and utterly wonderful! He’s like book crack…highly addictive and gives you a real BUZZ!

So sweet I need a dentist after that book!
D xx

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