Love Unscripted


Love Unscripted – Tina Reber

I loved this book!

Taryn is a small town girl from Seaport. She runs her dad’s bar after he passed away. Along with her friends Marie, Tammy, Pete and Gary she has a quiet life. A life of serving customers, playing poker once a week with her friends and fending off guys asking for her number.Enter Ryan Christiansen. SAWOON! A huge Hollywood star, Ryan is in Seaport filming his new movie. After finding himself being chased like a dog through the streets, Taryn spots him running towards her bar just as she’s opening up. Quickly, he ducks inside and looks for the back door. Locking the door behind her, Taryn searches for him. He didn’t find the back door. He’s in her hallway. Scared and with no where to go, Ryan stays for a drink to wait it out.Taryn, having never really been interested in the famous actor in front of her, happily serves him beers and they chat about life, work and….scars. It’s cuter than it sounds.When the coast is clear he’s gone. But clearly Taryn has left her mark on the heartthrob and the next night he comes back to see her! Surrounded by screaming fans, he tries to get her number. But Taryn isn’t playing ball with the stud. Ryan is persistent and after days of turning up at the bar, a poker game and even a napkin note…..Taryn finally gives in.The pair soon become friends but it’s clear from the start that the spark between them is not only getting stronger, it could set the whole town on fire!A fantastic read It has massively helped fill the fifty shades hole. With it’s laugh out loud moments, scary fans, tragedy and romance, I found this book a real page turner,. I couldn’t put it down and devoured it in 2 days! the sequel is “Love Unrehearsed” and is every bit as exciting and enjoyable as it’s predecessor!
A book so sweet you’ll get cavities!
D xx

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