Bared To You – Sylvia Day



Bared To You – Sylvia Day

D – Ok, so many of you have already probably read this? I came across it after finishing 50 shades. Looking to fill the hole it had left in my life I though “This looks okay”. I was still in book hangover mode from fifty shades of grey. I had hoped this book would fill my void and for a while it did.

C – I think many of us had that hangover for a while. I’m still clinging to that empty bottle..

D- Anyway.. This book was on my recommended list and I am so glad I took the chance and bought it.

Bared to you is about Eva and Gideon. Gideon, much like Mr Grey, is a high-flying business entrepreneurial type. Eva is a sweet girl who tumbles into his life in the building lobby. I did also make the comparison to Ana falling into Christian’s office but decided to leave it alone. besides, Gideon is smoking hot!

The sexual tension between the pair is obvious from the word go. But Eva isn’t the type for a casual fling. So Gideon, unable to get her out of his mind or into his bed quick enough, pursues her.Their sexual encounter soon and very quickly turns into a full relationship. Both of them have dark pasts and disturbing secrets. With Gideon’s nightmares (I know I know. I saw the Grey comparison too but believe me it’s not the same thing.) and Eva’s equally terrifying memories, the pair seem destined to be bad for each other right? Except they can’t bare to be apart and I actually found myself rooting for them to get their shit together and work it out!

D – I thought it was an interesting love story with intense and dark moments in it. I enjoyed it but couldn’t help making a lot of comparisons to Fifty shades. Gideon got my blood hot and the sex scenes were steamy. They were definitely worth the angst the pair share. Still, if you have a fifty shades itch to scratch…..This will do it.

C – Steamy, hot and intense. And that’s just Gideon. I found Eva a little whiny and also self righteous at times but over all it was a good read. Like you say D, it will fill that fifty shades hole and with the sequel also available, you can then fill that Bared To You hole it leaves you with!
A tasty treat for sure!

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